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May 05, 2020 2 min read

My Pros and Cons List(guide) For Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts


I laid awake for 3 hours the other night (NO MORE EATING CHOCOLATE AFTER 5pm, MAARI!!!!) and while laying in bed I came up with a PROs/CONs GIFT GUIDE for your last minute mother's day gifts!  


IDEA #1: Concert ticket

PRO- Oh wait.... dang it COVID 19! 


IDEA #2:  Brunch with her favorite child (you of course):

PRO- Oh wait....CORONA you're killin me!


IDEA #3: Jewelry

PRO- She’s got a like 75 rings, necklaces, and earrings so she definitely likes jewelry.

CON- She’s got like 75 rings, necklaces, and earrings so ......


IDEA #4: Clothes

PRO- see jewelry

CON- see jewelry


IDEA #5Flowers *

PRO- Honestly, it's fail-proof. Moms always loves flowers.

CON- None! Flowers are always a win in my book!


IDEA #6: Kitchen gadget

PRO- Oh goody new food toy! Which means new recipes! but....

CON- This will probably mean more time in the kitchen and cleaning up.... does that say I love you?


IDEA #7Sweets *

PRO- Who doesn't like a box of chocolates? But wait, is that actually "sweet" of you? Half of her might like it, but you know that the other half of her is trying to live healthier each day...is this really helping her with that goal?

CON- Meh, honestly, I love sweets and can’t think of one. 😆 Except that personally, I know I don’t want my mom to get diabetes.


IDEA #8Coffee Table Book or a piece of uplifting ART! *

PRO- It's a gift that will take her on imaginary adventures, stir up inspiration and dreams for the future....and you get bonus points for originality!

CON- Well, maybe she’s one of those women who doesn’t like to relax and put her feet up, zone out, and look at pictures that make her smile, help her to love herself.... Maybe?


and a BONUS PRO- And you get a free quarantine souvenir prints.


Well you know I can help you with IDEA #8: Coffee Table Book or a piece of uplifting art! Just click here.




What am I getting my mom?


(MOM, STOP READING NOW!!!!!) - yes, my sweet momma reads all stuff faithfully 😍😍😍


Well, she already has my book and several pieces of my art so I'm giving her a painting/print of (one of) her hometown by my friend, Jamie, an Austin-based painter. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! 🤩 Check out her cool work! 


Let me know if you need any help picking out the perfect print for your sweet momma!  Shoot me an email, or give me a call. 


Let's find the perfect piece for her!



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