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June 10, 2019 4 min read

3 Reasons Behind My Business Name: Fightsong Studio

There are layers to this so let's dive in.

Yes, I do like Rachel Platten’s song, Fight Song.
Yes, I was a varsity athlete singing our school fight songs to, from and through games over the years.
And yes, my name Maari Christante, is tricky to spell so I needed something simpler for people to know how to spell from memory.


After you take a look at some of my artwork, you can easily see that

  1. I like layers!
  2. I am pro-realism, AND I also see and believe beyond what meets the eye.
  3. I believe that people are capable of more than what their limits say.

I like to combine themes. In my artwork, you’ll see that I emphasize how beauty sits beside bravery, not in lieu of it. You’ll also find grit paired with grace, and fun connected to fierce. And you'll identify that sensitivity supports strength, rather than countering it. 

I want to create work that is nourishing to our souls and draws our hearts and minds into alignment. Like daily vitamins that we can eat with our eyes. 

My purpose is to make art that holds meaning and intention, as well as beauty, curiosity, and style.Essentially, I want my art to help your heart talk to your head. I want it to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before so that you are excited and proud to hang it in your home where you will daily reap the benefits from living with it. And I want it to leak the message it carries into any room to brighten the whole place up.

No biggie, right.

If I could wave a magic wand in this world, it would be one that strikes inspiration to love others good and deep, to live your best life, and to be your true self as defined by your genius Creator.

I want to help you inspire yourself daily. Because inspired people change the world. Which is why I call my business Fightsong Studio.

But here are 3 big reasons why Fightsong Studio is called Fightsong Studio.

#1 Fight

It's normal that as humans, we don’t always see the truths we believe and confess come to life immediately. There is a fight for them to be established and identified in our world. Truth is part of our inheritance as humans. But it seems like there is a thief out there working to keep it from shining forth, right?!

We all have our own internal fights. There is truth buried deep inside us. We know is there, but it remains hidden behind fear, insecurity, lack, anxiety or pain. But rather than giving in to hopelessness that it will never emerge, we fight and believe!

We fight and believe for the fullness of life to manifest in ours. We fight for our dreams to be realized. We fight to be able to give something great to the next generation. We fight for our families to be healthy and whole, for our voices to be heard and our neighbors to be respected. We fight for joy and peace to be established in every part of our lives.

#2 Song

Songs are as beautiful as they are powerful to ignite thought, wonder, and memory. They shift your mood up, or down. Some songs recall feelings and dreams. They offer you words when you can’t find your own. They are known to set the mood and release a sense of atmosphere. And there are special ones that help you process pain and hope.

Personally, I am the kind of person that remembers a feeling over a specific. I'm awful at remembering lyrics. I love music, but I’ve always been a visual person.  In fact, sometimes when I listen to music, I see pictures, colors, design, patterns, and textures.

I don’t yet understand the language or mechanics of sound. But I do I more understand the language of shape, color, depth, light, and composition.

I like to image my artwork to be a type of visual songs, phrases, feelings, expressions…that would seep into your room, strike an emotion or memory, push you gently toward your purpose and truth, as a good song would.  I want my artwork to cheer you on you as you chase a dream. And steadily remind you that that you are beautiful, powerful and magnificent.

I want my art to remind you that you don’t have to stay within the limitations of your inner critic.

#3. Fightsong

While some songs are like anthems, I like to imagine my artwork could be a type of visual anthems, mantra or declaration of truth and hope over your life. Visual vitamins to strengthen you for your daily fight. :)

Because I’m a visual person, I need a visual north to remind me of what is true and who I am. I hope it serves that purpose for you too, as well as being an eclectic decorative statement for your home or office.

I need a visual bridge to connect my faith with my struggle.

How My "Fightsongs" Imags Are Like Traditional "Fight Songs":

  • Fightsongs (and fight songs) inspire you to work toward victory… with an upbeat flair.
  • Fight songs stick in your head when you go home. You find yourself singing them subconsciously the next week...or 10 years later!  Similarly, I’d like my art to keep popping in your mind next week… or 10 years from now.
  • They set a tone (or tune) in your home (or head).I want the tone in your home to be one of camaraderie, determination, celebration, connectedness, hope, inspiration.
  • Fight songs are easy to learn, remember and connect with personally and together in community. I’d like my Fightsong art to be the same. They create shared experiences.

Does that give you more insight?

How do you go about naming things that are important to you, like your children, pets, businesses, etc? I’d love to hear how! Leave me a comment below!

Thanks for following along. 

Lots of love,

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