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February 18, 2020 3 min read

Need a money-mindset shift? This print is for you!

Last summer, I cashed out $1.8k in cash from the bank. I was on vacation near Portland, OR when woke up at dawn, slipped out a green velvet dress from my overflowing “prop box” in my car, and quietly snuck past my sweetly sleeping niece and nephew.

We were all excited to go to the waterpark that day and ride "the big rides", but first I had to shoot this concept that had been spinning in my head for months!

Artwork Inspiration

I often think about my nieces and nephew when I create.

What do I want them to learn?
What kind of example can I be to them?
How can I teach them true confidence and true humility?
How can I show them that love always, always, always wins?
What do I dream for them?  What are they dreaming about now?
How can I help them AVOID the same junk I’ve gone through?
What kind of legacy can I leave for them?

I think about my own life too.
What lies am I believing and what beliefs are holding me back? What does grace actually look like? What is God showing me about his nature? Why do I keep going through this same cycle? How can I visually translate this concept I’m learning about? Who the heck am I and how do I want to live my life?

And I think about you, my amazing audience!
What can I do to help you break past your mental blocks? What can I create that will inspire hope and wonder every day? How can I encourage you to find a fresh hope and a higher perspective? What would make you smile today?

Getting Healthy. All kinds of healthy!

I’m on a journey towards emotional health. Well actually physical health, mental health, relational health, financial health! All areas of my life I want to grow healthy in! Not that I'm unhealthy now, but I know there is more out there!

I don’t know about you, but I can get trigggggggggered when it comes to certain aspects of finances. I knew I needed to shift the way I view money. And instead of striving for it and working my tail off, I learned a healthier option is to view it as it workingfor me, to see it finding me, to trust that it always being there for me when I need it. 

I don't have to chase money. It is already chasing me down!

The “lack” mentality only leaves me feeling stressed and anxious. And stress and anxiety only have negative consequences. They've never done me any good on any level!

So I’m done with letting my circumstances define my emotional state. My financial circumstance isn’t miserable, but isn’t what I’d call glamorous!

Beliefs are changed through our thoughts, words, and actions, so I knew I needed a new image picture to work on my brain. I was going to make this money fly to me! 

So I slipped on that green velvet dress (thankful I had been dong a lot of squats that summer because my oh my that slip was high!), pulled out the wad cash, and started literally stitching each bill together with needle and thread. 

If you've never thrown money around in a field, do it! It's quite liberating and beautiful.

New Healthy Money Mindsets

  1. Money is a tool, not the goal.
  2. Practice gratitude. In all things.
  3. Know your triggers and pursue emotional health, especially in the area of finances!
  4. Make your money work for you, rather than working for it dollar by dollar.
  5. Reap and you will sow.
  6. Don’t wait to be rich to be happy.
  7. Grow in financial intelligence.

There are many others out there, but I’ll leave it there for now.  I'd love to hear the healthy money mindsets that make you thrive!

For MONTHS I've been anticipating sharing this art with you! I am so excited to launch this print TODAY!

View "Money Magnet" Print Here!

Some shots during creation. I use these to build out my artworks:


    Other Images to View from Last Summer's Road Trip:

    1. Flip the Switch
    2. Stepping Out
    3. Storyteller -(launching soon)
    4. The Exchange
    5. Pop Culture -(launching soon)
    6. Way to Grow, Girl -(launching soon)
    7. The Thrill of Grace -(launching soon)
    8. Finding Your Step -(launching soon)
    9. Hitching A Ride -(launching soon)
    10. And many more to come (once I finally get a chance to edit them!!!)

    View the "Money Magnet" Print Here!

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