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June 18, 2019 3 min read

How to Say Shut the Heck Up to your Inner Critic + A Look Behind The Scenes of My Artwork Called “The Star Within the Roar”

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar.

"Yes and amen," we all say.....

That is, until our inner critic chimes in and says, “Shut the *#!& up! Who do you think you are!

Sometimes (all the times!) your inner critic wants to gag you and throw a dirty bag over your head. 
Sometimes (all the times!) she wants to “keep you safe” by being the primary "trusted counselor" in your life. 
Sometimes (all the times!) she is your biggest judge and really knows how to kick you when you're down.
Sometimes (all the times!) she sucks as a friend becuase she wants to hold you back from letting the world hear, see and know you!

(What a selfish, backstabbing little liar!)

Here's Why I Think You Should Break Up With Your Inner Critic 

Ugh I hate the voice of self-criticism and condemnation! It has won far too many arguments in my own life, and quite possily yours as well.

But now I know how to “shut HER the !*&# up!” It's an essential tool we all need to excel at... RIGHT!?!!

Good friends believe in you and challenge you to become all that you were made to be. They want to celebrate your victories and tell you the truth. Good friends want to cheer you on as you put yourself out there and be there as a support when you screw up. You should have a voice like that inside your head!

Your Inner Critic has probably been around since you were young. She knows you quite well, well she tells you she knows you. But really, she's holding you back from really knowing you! There comes a time when you gotta suck it up and totally and completely break up with her. Move on with your life free from her grip and accusations. Because there is something PRECIOUS inside of you that the world is longing to see, hear and experience! But we won't get to unless YOU tell her to back off. You are the ONLY one that can do that.

Tips on How to Break Up With Her

  • Ignore her.
  • Shove proof in her face.  
  • Do it (whatever it is she is holding you back from) despite.
  • Flash the truth.
  • Tell her she’s a liar and you don’t have to listen to her.
  • Ignor her (bears repeating).

If you deal with self-hatred or insecurities, self-criticism, please “soak” in this print

In this Deep Dive video, I go into more depth about how this print celebrates our voice and shuts up our inner critic. And you’ll get a peek into how I made it!   Enjoy!

After you watch, leave a comment below and let me know what you are SPEAKING with your life!

Interesting Fact About the Model

I asked a dear friend to pose for me for this picture. Her name is Lindsay Morgan Snyder and she has the life to back up this concept. Lindsay is an author, speaker, entrepreneur and all-around shiny star on this planet.  Shutting the inner critic up happens to be her specialty, and she writes all about it in her book, Letting Love In. So, if you like charming writing from an authentic, humorous voice, AND you want to break past barriers in your inner narrative….check out her book HERE.

Now, go shut up that inner critic!

Lots of love,



This image is a part of my The Star Within Series… It is a collection of seven different experiences that happen to us as we live grounded in our true identity and awakened to the greatness inside us.

Here is a list of all seven images in The Star Within series.

  1. The Star Within the Launch
  2. The Star Within the Roar
  3. The Star Within the Stride
  4. The Star Within the Crushing
  5. The Star Within the Soul
  6. The Star Within the Support
  7. The Star Within the Sisters


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