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February 21, 2022 2 min read


The Desert Adventure

You’ll get stuck,they said. 
There’s no cell service, they said. 
It’s too sandy, they said! 
It's a steep fee to have a tow truck come out there, they said.

Their advice was spot on. I definitely should NOT drive my low-riding Honda Fit onto sandy desert roads to see a sunset and shoot some cool shots. 

But, um, well, hmm, yep you guessed it… my curiosity got the best of me, and I did it anyway. 

Afterall, I learned to drive in sand in the Sahara desert! (which is foolish reasoning, I do understand that clearly)

I waited at the intersection to scout out what cars weere coming down. Sure enough, a mom in a sedan pulls up next to me and gave me a thumbs up. 

Let's do this!

Pedal to the floor and slid my car like a (foolish) champ for miles along the sandy, sandy roads, hearing my african friends saying “just keep going, don't touch the brakes, don't slow down, just keep going, stay perfectly on the tracks. just keep going!!!!” 

So that’s what I did. Drove as fast as my little car could take it on the sandy washboard road, until we dug into deeper sand. Then I miraculously dodged the soft edges, (proudly passed a Land Rover), all the while thinking… this is crazy fun but oh my stars Maari we need a new car with 4WD!!!!!

I made it in time to watch an epic sunset over the badlands in southern California.  

Then, rather than driving back down and back up the road again at sunrise, I decided to campout in my car at the trailhead.  I slept through a major windstorm that shook my whole car and awoke to a suffer through frigid gray sunrise. Mid-morning finally came, things warmed up, and I snapped my shots. I had the place mostly to myself which is my favorite way to shoot. 

Then I jumped back into my tiny car and shotgunned it down that windy, sandy road, once again praying desperately that I would not get stuck. 

I turned onto the pavement with a sigh of relief and a little sense of accomplishment. 




The Photoshoot


The Concept

I think there is a lot to this concept "New Bearings." But the original inspiration came in my walk with Jesus. As a christian, he tells us to identify with him in his life and his death. This image is about that... resurrecting with him, living having overcome, living seated in heavenly places. Personally, I like that the model looks like she is almost wobbly up there, like she is a bit of an amatuer. I relate to that in my walk with Jesus and trying to figure out how to live "alive with Christ."


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