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February 25, 2020 3 min read

Behind-the-Scenes: "Pop Culture"

Pacific Northwest Photoshoot Roadtrip. Day 1.

Ever gotten in your car to go somewhere only to realize that you forgot something in the house?  You have to run back in to get it, and run back out? Oh geeze those moments!!!

Well, this is exactly what happened on my photoshoot...except worse.

I hiked allllll the way to the first location before I realized I forgot my prop! After a big ol audible groaning sigh, I swallowed my pride, turned around, hiked back to the car.

Along the hike back I could feel irritation forming, so I put a brake on the inner narrative by forcing myself to recognize some of the good things that would come out of this “extra side trip.”

I get more exercise this way!
I get to enjoy this view longer!
I get more time to think about how to shoot this image correctly!
I get to grab another handful of trail mix in the car.
hmmmm....what else???

I grabbed the thing (in this case, it was my pole/popper), turned back around, and hike back out, finally ready to get started. A couple of shots in, and it was all a distant memory.

It was truly a beautiful sunny day though, perfect weather for this Texas-girl (PNW folks and I don't feel the same way about the heat)! I hiked several miles along this sandy cliffside and each step I imagined I was in the Mediterranean hiking from village to village. The white cliffs, bright blue sky, soft wind, and puffy clouds made it easy to imagine! 

Concept Inspiration

With my sketchbook full of new ideas, I was giddy to get started making these images come to life! This was first photo-shoot on my pacific northwest summer road trip photo expedition and it was starting off with a bang!

I’m not sure exactly whenI first sketched out the concept or when it first popped into my mind. But It stuck! 

Ever since I read the book,On Earth as it is In Heaven, by Bill Johnson, I've fallen in love with the phrase, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” That seems to be the inspiration for a lot of my artworks recently!

That phrase unwraps the idea that heaven is a kingdom, kingdoms have cultures, and cultures can be spread here and now.

Being a world traveler, I LOVE experiencing different cultures first hand. I also love watching shows about cultures, having friends from different cultures, eating foods, and enjoying art from different cultures.

Culture is meant to be shared and spread. And I love the idea that the culture of heaven is too. It's not to only be experienced later, but now!

Now I know everyone has a different understanding or belief about heaven. But mine is something like this.....

I imagine heaven to be a beautiful utopia, filled with the full laughter-spectrum, new kinds of colors, multi-dimensional flavors, creativity on steroids, unlimited access to places in our brain and secrets in the universe, and exposure to the purest forms of love and joy. Doesn't that sound fun!

My point of view is that the culture of heaven can be experienced now, even in our crazy world. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Please enjoy this new image!

The culture of heaven hovers over you and anticipates the moment it can burst forth its LIFE into your life! Reach out, pop the thin veil, and get covered in its glory today.

Pop on over to see the full preview of "Pop Culture," the newest member of the Fightsong Family.

Here are some images from this photoshoot in Washington. Such a fun day!


Other Images to View from Last Summer's Road Trip:

  1. Flip the Switch
  2. Stepping Out
  3. Storyteller -(launching soon)
  4. The Exchange
  5. Money Magnet
  6. Way to Grow, Girl -(launching soon)
  7. The Thrill of Grace -(launching soon)
  8. Finding Your Step -(launching soon)
  9. Hitching A Ride -(launching soon)
  10. And many more to come (once I finally get a chance to edit them!!!)

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