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August 13, 2019 1 min read

Why You Need To Get to the Root of It

A Deep Dive Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Print "Rooted and Grounded to Run"

Trees are fascinating. 

They clean the air.
They produce fruit.
They grow flowers.
They give shade.
They help animals.
They make the soil healthy.
They mark seasons.
They show us how pretty the wind is.
They have healing properties and so many nutrients.
They give places of reprieve, shelter, and play.
They give us materials for fire and paper.
They are even known to reduce fear and violence.
There are so many sizes, colors, and shapes.
They increase property value.
They are just beautiful all times of the year.

The design of nature is inspiring. Even more so the Create of nature who put all this stuff together! There is so much wisdom to be found roaming, researching, discovering, and experiencing nature.

I'm endlessly inspired by it!

There is a special aspect of the relationship between a tree's roots and their branches which inspired today’s feature image. I can't wait to tell you about it on this new Deep Dive behind-the-scenes video where we go inside the image, Rooted and Grounded to Run

I'd love to hear what YOU see in this so leave a comment or send a message about it!


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