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July 16, 2019 1 min read

Do This When You Face a Mountain

A Deep Dive Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Print "Moving Mountains"

It's inevitable. You will face your own metaphorical mountain at some point.
Oftentimes, it's many mountains.
Sometimes, it feels like you face entire mountain ranges!

But at the base of each mountain, comes a significant choice. Each person gets to choose what they will think and believe as they look toward it... move toward it... pass through it! 

I've tried facing a mountain with doubt, anxiety, and intimidation. 
It doesn't work!

But facing a mountain with faith brings on overflowing measure of empowerment and taking on that mountain, whatever size, flavor, shape it is... becomes attainable.

In today’s Deep Dive video, I dive into one of my most popular prints: Moving Mountains! It’s loaded with different hidden meanings. Today I'll share about two different postures you can choose when facing your mountain.

I photographed this artwork on a cross country road-trip while my dog was running circles around me. I had a beautiful dress, a couple of red smoke bombs, the rocks and dirt I found on the ground, a tiny megaphone I picked up at the dollar store in a small town, and a big vision of what could be.



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