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July 09, 2019 4 min read

These Five Tips Make Buying Art Five Times More Fun And Strategic!

Buying new art is such an exciting experience! You’re creating a special atmosphere in your space that will set an ambiance, tell a story, and inspire connection.

Sometimes a piece of art is the cherry on top that brings the whole room together, like the cornerstone of the room. And sometimes it’s placed in a supportive, strategic role. Think about it!

Scrolling through piece after piece can be overwhelming without some support. Identifying your style is one thing. But then finding the right piece within that style is a whole other thing! Do you relate to these thoughts?

  • You want your art tofeel right to you personally. Whether it’s energetic or calming, it should inspire you and speak to your soul.You want to love it!
  • You want your art to make visual sense in the space. It should support the aesthetic goal of that space with stylistic appeal paired with just the right amount of subconscious POP!
  • You want people coming to your space to enjoy your art too!It should inspire connection, both internally and relationally. You want them to have their own good feelings and experience with your choice of decor. And, an added bonus: when people look at your art, somehow they subconsciously understand and enjoyyou more and a deeper, unspoken connection would be established.

Art can do all that! 

Buying new art triggers a lot of thoughts, emotions, and goals. For over a decade, I’ve been helping people pick out the right piece of art for their home or workspace. I have a few key tips to help you:



Ok, yes, this is obvious. It’s a classic tip! The gut is actually pretty reliable, and it deserves to be considered and valued. 

Ahhhh! Except when your gut doesn’t know what it wants! Or at least you can’t hear what your gut is saying because your mind is in the way!!! Am I right!!! Go onto tip #2.


Think about what season you are in. I don’t mean summer, winter, fall, spring. I mean what is going on in your life lately. A season can look like so many things. But you want to pick art that is relevant to where you are currently at and also maybe where you want to be next. For example…

  1. You can be in a "learning to communicate my needs" season
  2. Or "I’m in a job but I want to pursue my passion but I’m a little afraid of how and what could happen" season
  3. Or "I’m in a season that I just feel stuck at finding what joy"
  4. Or "my season is that I’m currently “growing a dream” (like raising kids, building a business, or learning a new hobby)

TIP:Click here to go see All Prints. Now click ALL ALL PRINTS in the drop-down menu. This special tab will sort through all the prints according to the theme.You’re welcome!


You have a lot going on in your life. Between relationships, responsibilities, life and career goals, your own healing and growing journey, and the people that depend on you, chances are that there is probably a lot of things left undone. But rather than getting side-tracked by the "head," needs (the practical things) stop and ask your heart what it needs right now.

TRY THIS: Sit still for a minute and say, “Hey Heart, what do you need right now? Do you need peace, hope, courage, silliness? Tell me, I’m here for you.”And then listen to that still, small voice.

TIP:Click here to go see All Prints. Now click ALL ALL PRINTS in the drop-down menu. This special tab will sort through all the prints according to the theme.You’re welcome!


After you evaluate your goals and needs, you can set triggers around you to subconsciously ignite inspiration toward that purpose. To do this, walk around your space, slowly and carefully. Imagine what you experience at different times of the day. Ask yourself, “What do I currently feel in this space,” and then, “What do I want to feel in this space that would help me towards my goals?” Next, find the right artwork that has carries that particular inspiration and specifically set it in that location. Now, your artwork is working for you! Watch your triggers trigger!


Once you figure out where it will go to trigger the right inspiration at the right time, decide the right size. Believe me, you want the RIGHT size of art! Too small of a print will draw and it will just make you sad. Too big and it will overwhelm the room. 

Get out some extra paper, masking tape, and measuring tape. Tape up various sizes of papers and stand back to evaluate if it needs to be bigger or smaller. Evaluate how much negative space you need around the print by looking at the other elements nearby. Also, keep in mind the frame and mats. Remember, frames play a supportive role; they aren’t the hero. Keep them simple. Matting is a great touch because it allows the pictures visual “space” to breathe and draw the eye to the art.

Remember, buying art is exciting! Let me know if the comments below if you have other tips for buying art! I’d love to hear what else works for you!

You can email me anytime for my suggestions or advice when it comes to picking images and sizes. Send me a picture of your space or tell me about the goal of the space. I’m here to help!

Lots of love,


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