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"Shattering Shame" (Print)

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Imagine this print in your home, reminding you to slow down, breathe deep and be consumed with love.

 Here's a little note to let it soak in even deeper...

Love says you’re enough. One million times enough. Love says, Good job, I’m proud to be with you, and You’re exquisite.

Shame will disagree one million times with Love. Agree with Love!


Buy Art → Give Art : Benefit

For every print sold, Fightsong Studio gifts an Open Edition print to a human trafficking survivor. At Checkout, you can add a personalized note to inspire hope and healing towards this brave woman.  Learn more. 

Open Edition Print Details
  • The small (roughly 8x10”) or extra small (roughly 5x7”) print is centered on a smooth, white 8.5”x11" sheet of cotton-based cardstock paper with brilliant pigmentation. This is less archival than the Limited Edition prints.
  • There is no cap on the number that can be ordered at one time. However, certain prints may or may not be in stock at any given time, which can result in a delayed shipment.
  • These small, table-top prints can be cut down to display nicely in a frame or set on an easel. Frames are not included in the price.
  • A watermark is not embedded into the final print.
  • Each print is packaged safely in a clear, plastic protective sleeve and delivered in a thick cardboard envelope.
  • In-stock prints are normally shipped within five business days.
Limited Edition Print Details
  • We use the highest quality, museum grade archival paper that displays rich color and texture, and won't fade if it is properly protected from the elements.
  • Personally reviewed, titled, numbered and signed by Maari Christante; each print also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Displays beautifully under archival glass and a simple frame for a sophisticated statement. Glass and frame are not included.
  • Watermark is not embedded into the final print.
  • Each print is packaged safely in a clear, plastic protective sleeve and delivered in a thick cardboard box or shipping tube.
  • Because each print is custom on demand, it can take up to two weeks before shipping.
  • Urgent orders or unique delivery situations may be accommodated with an additional fee. Contact me
Additional Print Detail Qs
Can I get a different size, paper, or cropped version not listed?

This is not available with the Open Edition or the Limited Edition versions. Sorry! An easy fix is to get a custom mat that will fit nicely into your frame. You can crop with mats too, just trim the print down as needed.

Can you change the colors on the print or turn it into black and white??

On certain prints and sizes, I would be happy to create black and white print for you. (They really look gorgeous that way. I don’t post them on my site because most people opt for color.) If you are a “black and white” person, email me and I will see what I have in stock or what I can customize for you. As far as tweaking the full color images, that is not available. My prints stay as originally designed.

Do you sell the digital file so I can print it in my own way? I promise I won't share it, or sell it.

Though I trust you wouldn’t dream of sharing or selling it, I don't offer digital downloads of my art for personal use.  I do sell image licenses for commercial projects. If that is you, email me for details.

Shipping and Damages Qs

U.S. Orders

I didn’t receive my print, but the tracking number says the package was delivered
First, check with your neighbors because sometimes packages get delivered to the wrong place. Next, it could be lost, stolen, or just simply held at the local post office (sometimes they do this so call them and ask first). It’s important to work quickly because they may not be able to help you.
If nothing has come up from those efforts, we need to file a claim with the mail insurance company. Email me so I can file this claim legally. Then they will send you a form to sign confirming you did not receive the package. Signing it means you are not trying to cheat their system and the package did not arrive. I will send you your replacement print once the form is complete. This can take a couple of weeks.

International Orders

International shipping

All international orders will ship USPS Priority International. Estimated shipping time is about 6-10 business days, but it's not guaranteed. The Priority International service will track your order throughout its whole route.

International fees and taxes

The Buyer is fully responsible for any and all additional fees or taxes their respective country may charge upon import.

I am an international buyer, and my order status says shipped but it's been two weeks and I still haven't received it.

Unfortunately, once I take a package to a mail carrier it is no longer under my control. If it has been two weeks, and you still haven't received your print it could be that it is being held up in customs. Sometimes, rarely but it does happen, international orders can take up to 4 weeks, even if it's being shipped to Canada or Mexico. If it's been more than 4 weeks since you've received the shipping notification, please email me.

I'm an international buyer and am going to be in the U.S. for a few days. Can you send my order to the hotel I will be staying at?

Yes, I will do my best to make sure it arrives on time. Email me before you order so we can make the best plan. There are a couple of things to keep in mind: (1) Please confirm with your hotel that they can receive packages for their guests. (2) Please email me 3 weeks prior to your departure date so that we can coordinate. (3) Please include your arrival and departure dates, as well as the name and address of the hotel.

Shipping Damages

Help! My print was damaged upon arrival!

Unfortunately, that can happen even with the protected packaging. I will send you a replacement. But first, please email me right away with pictures of the damaged packaging and injured print so I can immediately contact the shipping carrier and file a claim.  Without these, I cannot process the replacement.

Returns and Exchanges
Can I return the print if It doesn’t look like I thought it would in my space?
First of all, let’s make sure it’s the right print and size to begin with so that doesn’t happen! Here are three important tips:
  • If you are concerned, before you order send me a photo of your space, and I will photoshop the picture in there for you so you can see what it looks like before ordering.
  • Also, I suggest taping out the space before you purchase and standing back in the room to see how it all fits. Order after you have tested it in these ways
  • Avoid ordering your frame before your print arrives. Take it to a professional framer who can assure it is properly protected and fits correctly with any custom mats as necessary.
If within 14 days after you receive your print you are not satisfied, safely return your undamaged print in the same mint condition it arrived. (Yes, even the fragile corners will be inspected upon return). I am particular about this because I want to the new owner to have the best possible product that you originally received.
Print and fill out this Return Form with your returned package. After the inspection, I will issue you a refund that should show up in your account within three business days. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.
Commissions and Custom Work
I would love to have you to make a portrait like this of me (or my child/sister/friend)!
And believe me, I want to take one of you!  I have over a decade of experience in boutique portraiture so I JUST LOVE photographing other people and watching their eyes light up when they see what I see in them for the first time.
I create a limited number of commissions pieces each year, both locally and internationally. To create a commission piece, we start with a consultation (in person or over Zoom) so I can learn more about what makes you tick! We want this image to express who you are. Then I can sketch up a couple of unique concepts around you, and we pick one and go from there. Local commissions start at $2100 and include a large Limited Edition Print to display.  Let’s talk. 
I’m hosting a “girl’s weekend” with some friends. Would you come to us and take photos like this of each of us?

Fantastic! These kinds of ideas are a lot of fun and because it is a unique experience no one will forget! Let’s try to make this happen for you. Contact me and we can sort out details.

Wholesale and Trade Accounts
Wholesale Accounts  

Interested in carrying some of my prints in your store? I am interested in being represented by brick and mortar stores that best share my target audience. Email me with details.

Trade Accounts

I also love to partner with interior designers and stylists, art consultants, and other specialists in the industry. You are welcome to join my Trade Program. Email me with details

Image Licensing and Special Events
I’m hosting an event and want to gift your prints to the attendees.  Do you sell prints in bulk?

First of all, great idea! Second of all, absolutely we can help you with this incredible gift! Bulk orders start in quantities as low as 10. Email me with helpful information about your event and image needs (quantity, timing, sizes, etc). Those factors will help us quickly come up with a final estimate and a plan.

B.A.G.A. Benefit Program

B.A.G.A. – Buy Art, Give Art. 
With each print you purchase, we will gift a print to a girl recovering from the abuse of human-trafficking.  Physically, physiologically and spiritually she was violated in the worst ways. We want to give her this token of hope and restoration, something to set her eyes as she processes her pain and walks out her healing to fully becoming who she is made to be.

Our partner organizations work with caring for, counseling, and equipping these brave ones who have come out of their nightmare. We will pick the appropriate image for her healing journey.

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I'd love to make buying art online as easy and clear for you. Please let me know if you have any questions.

xo. Maari

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