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May 01, 2019 2 min read

3 Fail-Proof Tips to Being a Person That Brightens Up a Room.

Inspiration and BTS look Into My Print Called "Come In"

Unfortunately, I did NOT conjure up an actual flower tornado-vortex-wave-thing and shoot it through a secret door in the field.

But if I could pick a super-power, it would be just that!

Imagine how fun that would be! Beautiful smells! Raining soft petals! Padded streets! Everyone around you smiling in awe of this wonder.


This week, (in my very first video!) I'm going to take you behind the scenes into this image called Come In.  When I look at this image, something I always think about is... I want to be the kind of person that enters the room like this!  With extravagant love to give. With countless pieces of good news to share. With generosity to extend. With hope to pass on and maybe some gems of wisdom to share if someone asks. 

We've all been around people who walk into a space complaining, practically vomiting out negativity and despair. Rather than getting influenced by that, let's be people whose hope and delight cannot be shaken.

You with me?

First, know this. Joy is simultaneously contagious and a choice. 

I talk more about this in my video and dish out some of my strategies on growing in joy and staying a cheery person. Enjoy my VERY. FIRST. VIDEO-BLOG!!



Never forget.  Joy is available for you to choose today, right now. Regardless of what is going on, and I know some of you may be in a tough place, right now, but it is there for the taking. Deal with pain and frustration, but don't stay there, my love. Move through it. I am confident that if you dig deep enough, through the circumstance and through the past, you'll open the door to a whole world of small delights.

See you there!

With much love,

P.S. This image is available to view HERE. Enjoy!

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