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September 26, 2019 1 min read

New Image Unveiling! "Anchored for Flight"

I'm excited to officially launch this new print today!

Hold onto your hope, which is like an unbreakable anchor tying your soul to God himself.

This craziness on set

  • The photoshoot was an eeeaaaaaaarly fall morning outside of Austin, Texas
  • I forgot a lens shade (hence my hand covering the sun to reduce lens flare). 
  • The wardrove started out as blue. But when editing, I decided gold was much better.
  • We used real anchors and rope.
  • I was originally going to have her coming out of the water - hence the splash pictures. But then, in the end, I decided I like her flying over the water.
  • We got one photo-shoot in before this one and then shot 6 more the rest of the day! It was BIG day!
  • Massie thank you to my dear friends Brittany and Elise (model) for camping out with me and waking up at sunrise to get 'er done!


Interested in purchasing a print? Check out the size options:


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