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March 09, 2020 3 min read

Behind-the-Scenes: "Storyteller"

Another "photo-safari" with Maari.

I LOVE what I get to do. It requires creativity, ingenuity, planning, flexibility, problem-solving and of course, adventures!

Since I started shooting this work, I've always preferred to photograph all of my components ON location, rather than in a studio setting or downloading someone else's props. One of my goals in my style of artwork is to make it look as natural and normal as possible so you can focus on the concept and overall feel of the image (not HOW it was made)

Sometimes when I see highly edited images, my attention goes to the editing (either excellent or poor) or the staging or styling of the creation. When my attention is there, I often miss the concept altogether! 

Personally, I try to push for a more realistic style.

But this comes at a cost.

Shooting on location probably makes the production of my work much more complicated than it might need to be. I shoot all the pieces on location. And then after I photograph the pieces, I bring those components into the computer to edit at a later date.  

This requires a LOT of planning...from sketching, finding props and wardrobe options to hunting down the perfect locations (often which I've never seen until I get there).

It also requires a lot of schlepping!  I feel like I'm constantly packing and unpacking my car, putting things into bags and backpacks, getting all the way out to locations, and of course, putting it all pack.

Finally, it requires a lot of winging it! I can plan and prepare as much as possible (and I do!), but at the end of the day, you have to deal with what you got where you got it! Resourcefulness and problem-solving skills are used constantly. 

I love these things!

This new artwork, Storyteller, that I'm launching today was shot on a cross-country road trip in the summer of 2019.  My car was packed to the brim, my locations-notes were all over the place, my sketchbook was full of ideas eager to come to life.  

This location happened to be on the side of a road in a park in Washington. This is the easy kind! There was no one around except for some rafters dropping off their boats. I had all I need in my car and I could pick things out one at a time. I had to walk about 15 feet between my car and the place where I was standing. 

I think the birds were chirping and there was a pleasant breeze as well.

I love these easy shoots! You can find other shoots where I trekked up mountains, walked up sand dunes, woke up at sunrise, and juggled everything in the middle of a crowd of onlookers. 

For me, each image not only has a special stories tied to them, but they are also about special concepts that inspire grace, grit, and gumption.

Concept Inspiration

This image is about many things! From the importance of stories to the power of testimonies. From each unique learning process to intentional legacy-making. This image holds many meetings. 

I hope you catch the invitation to reflect on the story your life is leaving, and move toward creating a memorable one!


Draw sounds together to make letters. Help letters find their purpose in the words that write the stories told of history-makers. Then send them all into tomorrow.
Head over to see the full image of "Storyteller," our newest member of the Fightsong Family!

Below are images from this shoot on that beautiful summer day in Washington.


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