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August 11, 2020 2 min read

Hitchin' a Ride

Me? I'm seeking out perspective. A much, much higher perspective.⁠

Me? I'm seeking out rest. A much, much more fulfilling kind than scrolling, tv-bingeing, or hiding.⁠

Me? I'm seeking out clarity. A much, much more solution-oriented kind. I don't need to see more problems. Just answers, please!⁠

Me? I'm seeking out fun. A much, much sweeter kind that is filled with the sound of laugher from the people I love.⁠

I don't always know how to get there, nor do I always get there quickly.... but oh lord do I need it!⁠

Check out the print and full image, Hitchin' a Ride, here.

I love a good photshoot adventure! Here's a peek behind the scenes.

I made my way carefully down the pitch-black, dirt road for the final night of my summer road trip. After doing these photo-shoot adventures for years, I've found that sleeping in my tiny car at the trailhead is the best way for me to NOT oversleep for early hikes! I awoke at dawn to climb Black Butte for my final photoshoot of my road trip. It was a swift but steep 2.5 mile hike to the top.

Black Butte is a cute little cone that sits just in front of massive Mt. Shasta in northern California. It's about an hour from where I live in Redding, CA.  When you get to the top of the rocky trail, there is a magnificent view of the mountain. I was giddy to enjoy the early morning light over this big view of the special peak I summitted the summer before. 

And I had just the image in mind to shoot!

Here's a little peek behind-the-scenes up there. Enjoy!

Mount Shasta is such a special mountain! And this is one of the greatest view of it from Black Butte.


One might think I look totally relaxed perched on this rock. But let me tell you... it was SO uncomfortable, and I am SO exhausted from the steep, early climb!


Nothing between you and the peak!


Check out the print, Hitchin' a Ride, here.

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