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5 Tips to Finding the Best New Art for You

June 01, 2019 4 min read

Let’s talk decorating now.

I’m a big believer that we should be intentional and thoughtful about what (and who!) we keep around us. That our surroundings can be used to express ourselves while at the same time being space of peace, inspiration, and passion.

For over a decade, I’ve been helping people pick out the right piece of art for their home or workspace. From this experience, I crafted helpful tools to make buying art easy and fun.

5 Tips Decorate your Space and Pick the Best New Art For You


Ok, yes, this is obvious. A classic tip! But from a professional, feel assured that the gut is actually pretty reliable, and it deserves to be considered and valued. 

Except when the gut doesn’t know what it wants! Sometimes your mind can overpower your instinct. Go onto tip #2.



It's so important to consider what "season" you are in. It helps you feel connected to the present while still keeping a bigger perspective. I don’t mean summer, winter, fall, spring!

I mean what is going on in your life lately. I just listened to THIS fantastic podcast called The Connected Life by two of my favorites, Justin and Abi Stumvoll. That particular episode explains seasons brilliantly. I recommend it to everyone!

A season can look like so many things. But you want to pick art that is relevant to where you are currently at and also maybe where you want to be next.

For example…

  1. You can be in a "learning to communicate my needs" season
  2. Or a "I’m in a job but I want to pursue my passion and I’m a little afraid of how and what could happen" season
  3. Or "I’m in a season that I just feel stuck. Finding joy is tough."
  4. Or "my current season is “growing a dream” (like raising kids, building a business, or learning a new hobby)

TRY IT OUT: Sort through my prints according to THEME! 

Click here to go see All Prints. Now click the drop-down menu:  Click ALL ALL PRINTS (Yeah I know the double ALL sounds funny, but I haven’t figured out how to change it yet). This special tab will sort through all the prints according to the theme. You’re welcome!



You have a hugely significant life. Most likely there are lots of things are going on around you, and I bet some key people in your life who have big needs that you feel a part of. Chances are, there is probably a lot of things left undone and it can leave you feeling disconnected or overwhelmed.

But rather than getting side-tracked by the "head" and all that is going on outside of you, stop a sec. Ask your heart what it needs right now.

TRY IT OUT:  Sit still for a minute and say, “Hey Heart, what do you need right now? Do you need peace, hope, courage, silliness? Tell me, I’m here for you.”And then listen to that still, small voice.

AND THEN DO THIS:  Search by theme! Click here to go seeAll Prints. Now click the drop-down menu: ALL ALL PRINTS. This special tab will sort through all the prints according to the theme. You’re welcome!



Think about this for a sec: WHERE this is going to hang in your space? Believe me, you want the RIGHT size and in the RIGHT place.

Too small of a print will get swallowed up by the space, and just make you sad. Too big and it will overwhelm the room.

Keep in mind these prints need frames. And matting is a great touch to set allow the pictures “space” to breathe. This is called adding negative space... and it's a very positive thing to do!



First, you are AWESOME friend for doing this, by the way! 

Personal, thoughtful gifts make people feel loved, seen, and known. They can be challenging ot figure out, but if you nail it, the person will be marked forever!

If you’re shopping for that perfect, one of a kind gift for a friend, daughter, sister, mom, cousin, art IS a good choice. Here are some prompts to help you make it a simple and personal process:

  1. Think about a trait of theirs that you want to celebrate.
    Fill in the blank: When I think of them, I think of this ______.

  2. Think about something significant that is going on in their life.

  3. Fill in the blank: I know you are going through ______ right now. It must feel ______ and you probably need more ________ in your life. So here is ______ to look at to inspire you to keep you going.

  4. Think about size….Most likely, you will want to play it smart with a Small or Extra Small open edition print. It will have the same impact as a larger one, but they will be able to move it around more easily in their home. And they will have more flexibility with colors and style because it’s not a major statement piece.

  5. Finally, think about the expression on their face when they open it up! Seriously! Use this artwork to tell them that you believe in them and support them! Receiving something so thoughtful, personal, and unique is going to be a very special moment for them, and they will be blown away. I am sure!
Does that help you? Email me anytime for my suggestions or advice when it comes to picking images and sizes. Happy to help!

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