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May 30, 2019 1 min read

The Star Within - Virtual Art Show

Here is the recorded version of our first ever Virtual Art Show together.

What a fantastic privilege to get to share with you the stories, insight, and development behind my new series. 

Yes, there were some technical glitches, but nothing we couldn’t handle!

There was so much excitement at the start of my first Live event that I forgot to press Record! But I really wanted to share a copy with you so I woke up early the next morning to re-record everything for you to reference here.

The Star Within 

Something happens to a person when they begin to recognize and believe that there is something of immense value within themselves. A transformation happens not only within them but also through their life. As people break past shame and fear and heal from pain and hurt, it's as if they start to radiate strength. Fresh life is ignited and spread!

Vision and voice instantly get greater, more vibrant, more passionate and more full of grace. Courage, tenacity, humility, and strength are develop developed. And a contagious passion spreads from this life.

The Star Within Series gives us a glimpse at this sparkle. This body of work is used to celebrate the results of living in this awareness.

I hope you enjoy the images as well as hearing these stories and insights. 

In the comment section below, I'd love to hear which are your favorite images from this series.

With lots of love,


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